Transporte de contenedores

Transport of containers

Polyvalent extensible chasses of drop tara, apt for the transport of containers 20', 40', 45'

TRANSPORT OF TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED  Chassis instrumented with engine generator with connection for container reefer, has capacity of load until 28 tn. We offer the guarantee of the maintenance of the chain of cold during the transport of commodities to temperature controlled., ensuring this in front of possible mishaps.

TRANSPORT OF COMMODITY ADR: The transport of dangerous commodities, by reasons of security, is subject to a series of specifications and legal requirements. The involuntary incidents related with the transport and manipulation of dangerous commodities can have grave consequences for the people and the environment. It is by this motive that LAREN 2000 awards a tall priority to this type of load. In the transport of dangerous commodities it is necessary to take into account legal requirements like the packaging, the labeling or the marked of units of transport. By this, is fundamental to have the knowledges of an expert squad in this matter,  as well as of insurances so much of civil responsibility general as of environmental civil responsibility that can guarantee the coverage of possible accidents.
TRANSPORT BASCULANTE: they Are squads designed for the transport to granel of primary products, that can be dumped with a torva. They use in industrial processes to granel, already was of agricultural products (cereals, piensos, flours...) Or products derived of industrial processes (mineral, metals, plastics). 
SPECIAL TRANSPORTS (on container): Vehicles to transport loads very heavy or that by his dimensions require special elements. They require of a complex system of permissions of circulation that does more important, if it fits, the specialisation and knowledge of this type of transports. 
Trazabilidad y sistemas telemáticos

Trazabilidad And telematic systems

Our fleet is instrumented in his whole with squads of geolocation integrated with our software of management, giving traçabilitat 100% in real time. We offer to our clients a service of tracking and processes of communication of incidences configurables and adaptable to his needs, with a big capacity of integration in other systems.
We have implanted new systems of management that innovan in the transport of container. By a part Master Soft does charge of the development and personalización of his solution Trans 2000 for the terrestrial transport of containers, integrating to 100% with Portic. The provider of telematic services Transic, to create a global solution with main provision that allows us the sending of requests and the direct communication of the truck with  our client, in addition to the traçabilitat of the commodity and optimisation of the management of the fleet. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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