Conscious of the importance of the quality of the service loaned and of the respect to the environment, LAREN 2000 has had the necessary resources to achieve that his main activity of transport of commodities and containers by road offer the maximum level of quality.

For this, has established an Integrated System of Management of Quality and Environment (SIG), that has turned into the vertebral column of the internal management of the company. All the procedures of the company are governed by this system of continuous improvement, that applies of transversal form and affects to all the estamentos of LAREN 2000. All our computer tools of management base also in these procedures, that integrate the quality like a part more than the provision of service, of conjoint way and no like elements separately.

We want to be a company of reference inside the port sector, field in which we develop mostly our activity. This politics of quality and environmental management  is the frame of reference to establish and revise the aims and dip of LAREN 2000. 

Have the firm commitment to improve continuously the efficiency of the SIG, boosting the relations of our employees with our clients and providers, through an optimisation of our communications.

ISO 9001/2015

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