Historia Laren 2000


Laren 2000 is born joining endeavours and experiences to offer a service of quality.
LAREN 2000 initiates his activity in the year 1999, fruit of the initiative of more than 40 autonomous carriers of the Port of Barcelona that decide to join endeavours and experiences to fulfil a sleep, exit to the market to do cost our experience and knowledge of the business and apply it to our own company.

They were hard years in which it cost us give us to know, luckily find collaborators, partners, employees and clients, finally fellow that appreciated our endeavour, accompanied us and helped during these years. For them all our gratitude.
Until the year 2012, Laren 2000 had his headquarters in the Port of Barcelona, but the need to grow and optimise costs obliged us to look for some more adapted installations to our project of company. In this way it moved to the current headquarters, in Cervelló, where have workshop, benzinera, offices and parking.
Objetivos Laren 2000


Solutions to measure to competitive prices
​Our aim is to provide to our clients solve to measure to cover his needs to competitive prices. 
To attain it, have to take advantage of our resources of the more efficient and respectful way with the environment.  
Filosofia Laren 2000


 Human  and honest deal, combined with an effective and competitive service
LAREN 2000 bases his philosophy of company in four factors, always with the gaze put in offering to the client the maximum competitiveness and reliability.

1. Confidence
The relation with our clients characterises by a human  and honest deal, combining it  with an effective and competitive service. We encourage us in finding solutions to all the needs that can pose us our clients, incorporating us as a piece more than his logistical chain, obtaining positive synergies that help us to stand out us in front of the competition.
Laren 2000 is a company with total juridical and economic independence of the big groups of interest of the sector, therefore guarantee to our clients the same independence for the management of his needs.

2. People
We select our personnel under some strict criteria of commitment with the quality in the service, and respect to the environment in the exert of our activity.  We form to our employees continuously so that they can give fast and effective solutions to the needs of our clients.

3. Technical means.
We put to the service of our clients the most modern half technicians so much in the management, planning and follow-up of the transports, as for the realisation of the same with a flexible and polyvalent fleet, able to give response to any requirement in time or volume.

4. Social responsibility
We want that our employees work engaged with our business aims and our philosophy of company, worked with the maximum satisfaction, in some surroundings of comfortable work and sure, feeling the most important piece of the organisation. We want also, and for this form them, that purchase habits in the field of labour life, of compañerismo, respect by his surroundings and to the environment.
We are developing a political RSC that will mark us the big lines of internal and external performance in matter of social and corporate responsibility.
Equipo Humano Laren 2000

Human squad

Our personnel is one of our active more important
Clientes Laren 2000

Our clients

Flexible, fast and effective to his needs
The clients of LAREN 2000 are mostly companies transitarias, specialised in the management and coordination of the international transport of commodities, are the main aim of our company and his needs are in the centre of our management.  We count among them with some of the most important, no only in size but in prestige.

His standards of quality are very high and by  them improve day in day out in our systems of work, establishing objective and controlling his fulfillment, expanding his expectations.

When betting of form decided by politics of  Quality, obliges us also to apply programs of continuous improvement in our processes to be able to us integrate of the most effective way in his structures, always oriented to the service to the client, answering of flexible form, fast and effective to his needs, watching to his time by the prevention and the reduction of the environmental impacts of our activities and services, and by the Security and the protection of the people, the sakes, the commodities and the installations.
Flota Laren 2000


Trucks with an average of inferior antiquity to 5 years, with GPS incorporated to have located the mercancia in real time
Our fleet is of 48 trucks, with an average of inferior antiquity to the 5 years. During the last years are doing a progressive change to a more respectful fleet with the environment, opting by a real politics of reduction of emissions, so that the change to technologies Euro 6 has allowed us improve the results of global form.

All our units of transport incorporate systems of location GPS, guaranteeing the traçabilitat in real time of the commodities and allowing the optimisation of the routes.
Instalaciones Laren 2000


Multiple own resources, that do of LAREN 2000 a solid company
The group is formed by two companies that cover so much the operative activity (LAREN 2000) like the different services of support to the transport (LAREN LOGISTICAL):

Laren Logistical manages the installations of the group in Cervelló; in these installations have multiple own resources, that do of LAREN 2000 a solid company and of total solvency and confidence.  We have of our own mechanical workshop, where covers of integral way the tasks of maintenance and reparation of the fleet, including cabin of painting for works of sheet and painting to maintain a taken care corporate image of the vehicles. Benzinera, laundry room, parking and deposit of containers. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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