Transport of containers in Barcelona

Transport of containers

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Transport of containers in Barcelona

Laren 2000 is a company leader in the sector of the transport of commodities by road, specialised in maritime containers. We operate directly in the ports of Barcelona and Tarragona and through collaborators in all the ports to national level. We offer global solutions in logistics for the transport of maritime containers, international transport and distribution of commodities.

We are born in 1999 and thanks to our wide path, professionalism of the squad, and continuous improvement in new technologies applied to the management of the transport have turned us into a referent of the sector. 

Our commitments

This is what does us only
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It is what differentiates us of other companies of the sector, prioritise the planning of the service and his requests on the volume of requests that can accept.
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For our company is very important the continuous formation of the personnel, so much of the official as of movement. In this way they will be qualified to give fast and effective solutions to the needs of our clients.
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Environmental commitment

In LAREN 2000 are engaged with the politics of quality and environmental management, of such form that schedule our activities so that they ensure the prevention of the contamination and minimise his environmental impact.
We provide solutions to measure to our clients
We put to the service of our clients the most modern half technicians so much in the management, planning and follow-up of the transports, as for the realisation of the same with a flexible and polyvalent fleet, able to give response to any requirement in time or volume.

When betting of form decided by politics of Quality, obliges us also to apply programs of continuous improvement in our processes to be able to us integrate of the most effective way in his structures. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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